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Incredible Flavors
Unforgettable Experience

Exquisite seasonal catering for weddings, corporate and social events with THC and CBD infused dishes

Host a Bespoke Cannabis Infused Dinner Party 

Our team of herbal chefs will create a customized  THC and CBD dinner experience in the comfort of your home

Elegance & Freshness in Every Bite for an Elevated Dining Experience

We pair fresh seasonal local ingredients with the very finest cannibis that has been infused into our homemade butters, sauces, salts and oils paying special attention to the terpene profile of the strain. Different weed strains are selected to complement different courses. View our Sample Infused Menus Below

Tailored Experiences for Any Occasion

Private Dinners

Our Chef Driven customized dinner parties are crafted to created a unique fine dining cannabis infused experience with local seasonal ingredients

Corporate Events

Our low dose accessible 3-Course Cannabis Pairing Dinner is the perfect introductory education to cannabis & cuisine. This experience is a feast for the senses. We will pair different strains of cannabis with different dishes that are specifically selected to harmonize and enhance one another.

Gourmet Platters, Appetizers, Cakes, Desserts & Edibles

Available for Delivery / Drop Off Service - a Selection of our Edibles including Appetizer Platters, Charcuterie, Cheeses, Cakes and Fruit

The Art of Hosting and Dosing

Our THC infused dinners range from 10 milligrams to 25 milligrams of THC over the course of the dinner.  Alternatively, diners can choose to take the full dosage at the beginning of the dinner, which is sometimes preferable due to the time lapse effect of ingesting infused dishes. Guests can also choose to enhance their dosages with our homemade infused pastries, cakes, chocolates and candies. We also offer dishes and menus without any THC or CBD as well.

Take Your Dining Experience to a Higher Level

Our Vision

Crafting menus that are tailored to your personal tolerance level and with a seasonal selection of locally sourced produce , wild caught seafood and grass fed, pasture raised meats

Contact us today so that we can begin creating a customized menu for your bespoke dinner party. 

What Our Clients Say

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

-Amanda M

We'd love to curate your  dinner experience. Contact us to start planning your next event.

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